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i'm well. i'm finishing a film. i like this film, but i am also sad, because i feel strongly how time is moving, the world changing fast, and i feel the little bit of space i tried to stand on disappearing under my feet. not just this film but a whole life. (and of course so many of "the ideas" that made it possible for us to be the people we wanted to be and tried to be, and do the things we did, etc.) i feel that my situation is precarious. certainly financially. and that many of the reasons why i came to europe in the first place, because of a certain support for culture, no longer really exist: europe ressembling more and more the states in this respect. i am not so much complaining, but a kind of sadness. like the tone, the music of Walk The Walk, like a swift current taking you away, or washing the sand out from under your feet. i don't really want to feel sad, or to worry: i want to give myself up to this current and let it take me where it will at the end of this life. anyway, that's the feeling this morning. and of course there are many other things to tell you, which i will try to do this weekend: 'cause it's time to get going out to the cutting room, wash and shave and dress and RER to the suburbs and...all that. much love to you with your wits about you and how are things looking for you?

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