some early e-mail 'reports' of robert's condition


Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 03:43:45
Subject: Need strong vibes for Robert

We need your help, Guys... Robert Kramer was rushed to the hospital yesterday morning where they discovered that he has acute meningitis. So far, he got thru the night, and is responding to certain of the treatments. But they haven;t identified the particular microbe that has to be treated yet, so it is, at this moment, bery touch and go. Meningitis is a killer. And even if he survives, there may be permanent and irrepairable damage to his whole body. So would you guys please start sending out belly-button power and healing vibes and whatever else you can think of to help Robert and Erika (who is, of course, out of her mind with worry. Iíll update you as soon as we have an update. Meanwhile, consecrate and concentrate and send your strongest thoughts out thru the universe. It will help a lot, I know. Love to all.......... Me, Mare


Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 17:10:24
Subject: Robert Up-date

I just got the latest update on Robert's condition. The doctors found the right medication to bring the fever down. Robert still can't talk, but he will live...!!! ... and the doctors say they will know in 72 hours whether the meningitis left any permanent damage.

Erika and Keja are home at the river house (Robert is in the hospital in Rouen, the nearest city to the river house). The doctors still don't want us phoning the hospital. I will be back with more news tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, just keep sending out those clear visions of Robert completely well and shining, and all the love and strength you can to Erika and Keja.

John Douglas... Rain e-mailed me tonight and I have sent her this message already. Thanks for contacting her.

Love to all............... Mary


Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 02:53:59
Subject: More detail on Robert

Hi good people... Mary here again. No new news, but I just spoke with Keja and had last nightís news confirmed. Robert is definitely out of danger. Glory Be! I know you must be as relieved as I am to hear that.

Evidently he had pneumonia at first, and then the meningitis came on. The hospital in Rouen, where he was taken on Monday, turns out to be the leading hospital in France for pulmonary diseases, so he is definitely in the best place to be right now. Keja saw him yesterday and said that, tho he still canít talk, he expressed with his eyes that he knew them and was aware of what was going on. He seems to have lost the power of speech, no doubt a result of the inflamation of the membrane around the brain (which is what meningitis is), but the doctors say this could be temporary. They wonít know more for another 2 days about any possible permanent damage. So we canít let up on the creative visualization and sending healing thoughts to him.

I told Keja that I was being the messenger to all you people, and she was very relieved to know that you had been contacted. The River House has no phone, and no way to hook up e-mail, so Erika had no opportunity to contact you herself.

Keja and Erika will stay out at the River House through the weekend, so as to be close to Robert and the hospital, so I will keep you informed as information comes in. A friend, Nathalie, is with them. Barre is going to the screening of the new film this afternoon, so as to start zero-ing in on the music. Everybody feels that the best thing they could do for Rob would be to go on with the film work as planned.

Erika is holding up okay. Keja says she is a little ďzonedĒ, but who wouldnít be! Keja sounded good. The news that he will live has heartened and strengthened us all. It was too scary to think that he might not. We have much to be thankful for today. So... keep up the good work!

Iíll be back on your screens in about 15 hours after I have my update by phone tonight with Barre.

love to all...........Mary

P.S. Melinda, I jusr received your message. Don't jump on a plane yet. Normally, I should have a call from Erika or Keja sometime today, so I'll relay your message then, and e-mail or phone you right away after. Or, now that things have somewhat stabilized, maybe Erika will be able to get to a phone and call you herself.


Date: Wed, 3 Nov 1999 17:05:28
Subject: Wednesday Nite Robert Report

Hi there Folks... well, the news is better and better. Evidently Rob slept all thru visiting hours today (a good sign), and he is in much less pain (a very good sign) and he is coughing stuff up (making the doctors very happy cuz his lungs needed clearing badly). He still isn't talking, but it will be Friday or Saturday before we can know if that is a temporary thing or not. So obviously we can't stop thinking all those healing thoughts at him yet.

Barre saw the movie screening today and says it is absolutely great. The team is going to go on working on the film because Rob's assistant knows enough about what's supposed to be happening to be able to go on with the work some without him. So that will remove some of the stress from Rob when he begins to recover.

Keja heard from Rain and John Douglas today, so they know probably as much as I do right now, and Keja and Erika know now that The Family is On The Case, which I am sure is comforting. Phil, I don't know when I'll have contact with Erika again, but I will pass on your message when I do. I will try calling Keja tomorrow morning, if her cell-phone is working, and pass on the messages from the rest of you. As a matter of fact, I plan to forward all the messages I have received to Erika's e-mail so that when she gets home to Paris and can cummunicate again, she'll have you all there on her screen, with your outpouring of love and support.

You know, I've known Robert, Erika and Keja since Barre did the music for "Diesel", I've been Keja's adopted Grandma since she was 5... so I have heard about you all many times... feel as if I know you in some ways. Melinda, while you all lived at Mountain Wolf, I was living 2 hills over from you in Pocket Canyon, on Hwy 114, between Forestville and Geurneyville, at a place called "Happiness". So... this connection feels very natural to me and, in my own little personal panic about losing Robert, it was a great comfort to have your spirits appear on my screen, and to feel your support.

Keep it flowing, Guys... we aren't out of the woods yet. Robert without a voice ... would be hard. But losing Rob entirely would have been harder. I believe our love flowing in and around him is concretely helping him. Don't let up till we see full daylight again, okay? Love to all.......... Mary


Date: Thu, 04 Nov 1999 12:16:51
Subject: very bad turn

just off the phone with keja. who somehow sounded remarkably clear and strong in the face of it. robert has slipped into a coma. not breathing, he is on respiration etc. it does not look good, and doctors are uncertain of this abrupt turn of events.

all love to the guy

love J>


Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 16:49:21
Subject: Thursday Nite Report

Mary here, Friends ... Family...

The news is not good. It turns out that a lot of what I have been hearing is involved with peopleís wishes, but tonight I spoke with Erika on the phone, and heard the real stuff.

The pneumonia is getting better. None of the tests have worked yet, to find exactly what strain of meningitis he has. So there is no treatment that will effect a cure yet. His brain and body seem less painful... he is in much less pain... but heís just not coming back. At one point, this afternoon, Erika and Keja formed a circle, holding his hands, and he tried to open his eye. Note... I said his eye, not his eyes. There is such an excess of bacteria romping through his system that he now has blood poisoning (septicemia) to deal with, along with the pneumonia and the meningitis. It looks like, unless there is a real miracle, we are really losing Robert.

Erika and Keja have asked please that no one hop a plane and come. Robert is hanging on by a small thread, and needs all the space possible to fight this battle. He has only 2 hours a day allowed for visiting hours. Keja and Erika need that space to themselves, in order to deal with the loss they are facing. And even 2 hours puts a strain on Robert. She has asked, instead of coming, that you envision the circle... holding hands, all of us with Rob and Erika and Keja... keeping the energy flowing through him. It isnít hopeless yet, by any means, but it looks scary and dark and not good at all. It is a time when faith has to come forth and power-out. Hope is a powerful thing.

Erika has promised me to get someone to talk to me once a day, so I will report to you as I have been doing every day.

Keep those thoughts flowing.



Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 07:14:21
Subject: Friday Morning report

Hello everybody...

Nothing new to report. Robert's condition is "stationary". Whatever that means. He is still in the coma. It still doesn't look good at all.

John is bringing Rain over, if they can get a flight this afternoon. I have left a message on Keja's phone for them to call me. Deborah asked for the phone number of the hospital... Deborah, they asked us NOT to call as a bunch of phone calls would interfere with their work. And they are still trying to save him. Keja's cell phone number is 06-1184-3467. It seems to be tricky to call this number from the USA, but Rain managed to, so there must be a way. Keja has not actually answered that phone herself in 2 days now, but you can leave a message. Her message is in French and sort of muffled and garbled. After the message there's a beep... that's when you leave your message.

About visitors at the hospital, John... they're only allowing 2 hours of visiting time, and only 2 people at a time. He is in the equivalent of Intensive Care. John and Rain, please call me when you get to France... I will count on you to help me keep the news flowing to us all.

Erika talked at length with Melinda yesterday... Melinda, how do you feel Erika is handling all this? Can you advise us as to what we can do, creatively, for her at this time? Did she ask you not to come here too?

Okay... back soon. Keep that love flowing. If this is the time for Robert to leave, let's pave his road with our love.



Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 05:58:58

Mary here, Saturday morning. It feels like each time I receive and pass on news it gets worse and worse, but this morning I spoke with Nathalie, Robís assistant on the film, who has been closer to Erika and Keja and Robert and the hospital, etc. since Monday than any of us has. Nathalie says the doctors are still trying to control the infection. The fever is still there. The coma is deep. However, it seems that there still really IS a possibility for a miracle. The doctors have said that Robertís body is in such good shape, he could come back... he could beat the rap. It all depends on him now. So, while I think it is good that we prepare ourselves to let Robert go, and start to focus our love on doing what we can to make his voyage smoother --- I think that we shouldnít let up, not for one second, on calling for that miracle.

Thatís all I wanted to say for now... just sort of re-spark the Team into pulling with all our might for Victory, even tho the scoreboard tells us it might be only wishful thinking.

So... to everybody, hunker-down and shoot those spirits out to Robert, and let him know we're pulling strong for whatever he wants or needs to happen.

Iíll be back when I hear more news. Love to all,








Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999 16:21:21 -0500

From: Mary Phillips

Robert has died. About 8pm French time. Erika has asked that we all pray for 3 days, to help him in his transition. The buddists among you probably understand what she means. Melinda and John, it is probably more urgent than ever for you to come be with Keja and Erika. However, maybe it is a good thing to phone them tonight. They were in the car when we called Keja's phone. They were on their way home from the hospital. I can't say any more. Oh yes I can. It is our love for him that will keep him cool during his voyage to the next dimension. Please send it out to him, no matter what your beliefs are. It is the last gift we can give him from this life.

I'm so sorry to be the one to tell you.