the future


coming from the computer. Hi-8 shooting too. The tv is there. I say:

We've taken the first steps:

(takes off sunglasses)

the nerves are spliced, we are preparing to seat the permanent lenses.

They're lovely. Zeiss is almost finished. They will be indistinguishable

from my eyes.

(he gazes at the camera with his lense-eyes)

And the work on this site is almost complete: the entry port for the

microchip and a transmitter.

(he shows the microchip)

The crystal has a curious history in this respect!

(he replaces the chip & puts on his sunglasses slowly)

When my wiring is complete

i will be able to transmit the totality of my sensorium,

so that it can be shared by anyone with an appropriate program:

i will be able to transmit the totality of my experience

as it is experienced,

or receive the total experience of another:

your experience, for example. (his arms extended toward the camera)

Feel that i am in your skin. (hands to his heart!)

That I am you. (he thrusts his hands out)

That we share one history.

(moved by this idea. now he looks for a chip with which to illustrate)

Or i will be able to plug directly into an experience:

a snuff

a rave

the inauguration of our president

a lynching or a war,

an orgy,

or new forms of entertainment more suitable to our development.

(he replaces the chip. here, his head, has become the site of it all)

But there will be no need for projection:

the theatre and the screen and the place of experience are in here.

(it is the CD in his hand that makes him think)

And then one day there will be no here.

There will be no body with which to define place.

We will be everywhere at once.

Eventually i will download

the totality of my sensorium,

I will download the totality of this specific consciousness and the rules of

its functioning:

my mind and its method, your mind,

will be saved inside a vast memory for all time & throughout the galaxies,

and this body

this fallible frail, flimsy and dying thing,

this meat

which does less and less for us,

this meat won't be necessary: we won't need it:

it will no longer belong to the definition of our humanity,

but only to a certain past stage of our stupendous evolution!

(he takes off his sunglasses, he looks)

At last the Spirit will be free to move at will

through all the stories known and unknown.

Time and Space will no longer limit us, and we will fly up out of the prison

that this overcrowded planet Earth has become.