A Letter to Bob Dylan




Iím from NYC. The 50ís were bad. I got reborn in the 60ís. I left the states at the end of the 70ís. Iíve been living around, mostly based in Paris, and I make movies.

Throughout this life youíve been one of the voices in my head. Weíve walked together through a history, for better or worse. I like Time Out Of Mind a lot. Maybe you are talking about someone, her, but what I hear (my story) is that love gone wrong, or gone just the way itís gone, is Am*r*c*, the USA dream, is just us trying to navigate the river. Love sick.

Iíd like to make a movie with you. Not a movie about you, not a documentary or a report, but the two of us, make a movie together over a period of time: pieces of this and that, scenes you imagine and I imagine, try to piece something together that is as rich and varied, as clear and vague as the trip itself has been. A movie that works like a dream or a vision, large enough to put anything we want inside it, another kind of river.

I have no idea how to approach you. People say itís hard. Iím not comfortable with the star thing, and I donít know anything about it. Iím not going through your agent or writing a proposal or something like that. So all I can propose is the obvious: If youíd like to see some of my movies, I can arrange it. Or if youíd like to meet somewhere to talk, I can be there. Just let me know. Iíd do a lot to make this film happen, but I canít do the hollywood thing. Please understand, thereís no lack of respect or empathy here, itís just how it is, old dogs/new tricks, thereís no point in pretending.

Robert Kramer
14 Rue Michel Chasles
75012 Paris, France
(33)-1-4485-7964 (phone & fax)

Iím sending this letter on to a friend mine in Berkeley. He’s someone who would be working on this film.